Virus & Ransomware Protection

What is ransomware?

Honestly, it’s scary! Ransomware is a new strain of virus software that will infect a computer, connect to the network shares, and encrypt data on the network shares. The encrypted data becomes corrupted and no files can be opened. Each file is encrypted and no longer can be opened by the program it was created with.

In an encrypted directory, a text file is created that has a ransom readme. It is the only file that can be opened in the entire directory. That file will list instructions on WHO and HOW to pay to get the files unencrypted from the hacker that built the ransomware.

Typically the cost to buy the unencrypt key is anywhere from $500 to $1,000 or more. The FBI has asked that no business pay the ransom as it encourages the hackers to continue to build more encrypting viruses. Typically, the hacker/virus comes from a criminal outside of the United States.

How do I protect my business from getting infected?


Look for suspicious emails and discard them immediately.Make sure that your staff knows they are to always open files and emails on the defensive. If the sender or the file is not recognizable, then do not open. If there are obvious errors, misspellings, or poor language composition in the email – then be extra cautious! .

There are many nefarious emails that come through the internet. If something looks funny or incorrect, do not trust it. Always be cautious and never open something that asks you to open and run a program or a macro.

  • Multiple misspellings
  • Strange phrases or references for things
  • An unusual request
  • Emails asking for money or invoices not paid
  • Word documents with Macros!
  • Excel documents with Macros!

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